[DEV] Shooting, aiming and destroying

I have implemented a way to shoot projectiles so that the player can destroy obstacles on it’s path and potentially damage enemies. It is possible to aim using the mouse and left mouse button: clicking it will result in shooting one projectile per click and holding it will trigger auto-fire.


For now we had decided on only shooting horizontally and never vertically, but when testing it out this makes it hard to aim at obstacles that are situated higher than the horizontal plane starting from the player. Because of this, I have decided to also implement vertical aiming, using a bool to change between 2D/3D if necessary.


I have also made a script that makes the camera follow the player, which uses the player as a target and takes the height compared to the player and the distance (z-axis) as variables. It uses a simple damping so the movements are not too sudden and enable a smoother following.


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