[DEV] Track Import

This week I added the ability to import splines from max. We can now create a more complex track design in 3ds Max and line points up more precisely with the other world geometry, then simply export the spline as a .obj file.

Spline viewed in Max:


Generated track viewed in Unity:


Another thing I did this week was attempt to make the player’s velocity constant throughout the track. Before, the player would travel faster or slower depending on how the Bézier spline points were placed. This system is better now, but not quite in a final state yet.

Finally, I made the track width a little more flexible. We used to only be able to set the width of the entire track as a single value. Our artists asked for the ability to tweak the width of the track at certain points, so I added that feature this week as well.


Next week I hope to sort out the player movement, as that is such an important system and needs a good amount of TLC before I’d consider it to be good enough.

-Andrew Weeks


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