[ART] More assets

Made more assets for the new level this week, and remade some old ones to make them look less like… shit.


Also had to rework the research station a bit, as I made it with the wrong scale in mind beforehand.



[ART] More assets

Modeling more assets.

Got some small ice landscape props, and lotsĀ of rocks and a skull for the desert landscape.


Also modeled a research station to travel trough between the biomes.


Also working on this sandworm thing, I hope to animate it and make it jump out of the ground when the player(s) pass.


[ART] Asset creation

Created some assets and props this week.


I created powerup icons for shield, mine and shockwave. gave them a background color so they would be easily recognisible.rocks

I also created more variations of asteroids and rock obstacles, so you wouldn’t be shooting the same red ball over and over again.


And for space I modeled a satellite background prop.


[ART] Art document + new mockup


This week consisted mostly of deciding the final visual style of the game, and writing the art document along with it.

We kept the idea of the paper-esque, non-smoothing shading, but in order to differentiate from other sci-fi racing games we commited to the paper shading and decided to give a slight origami feel to the whole game. Colors are also mostly unchanged from our original vision.

Mockup painted in photoshop.