[DEV] Randomized Object Placement


Added random asteroid distribution on track and background using spawn zones with density controll and random scale distribution


[DEV] Normal spline import

Last week I added the ability to import spline data from .obj files, but we later found out that you can’t export normal information along with the position data. To get around this, I added an option to import a “normal spline”. I can calculate the normal of each point on the track by just subtracting the points on the normal spline from the points on the original.


I also added a slider to control how many steps of interpolation there are on imported splines.

One issue our artists were having with importing splines was flipping axis systems. To prevent them from having to mirror the spline in Max every time they wanted to export it, I added an option to flip the spline when importing in Unity.

Finally I added a simple jump pad, which launches the player into the air. We’re currently experimenting with how this could effect gameplay – most likely it will be able to be used to avoid slower sections of the track like parts covered in running water.

-Andrew Weeks