[ART] Sketchfab diorama

I uploaded the diorama to sketchfab.

Couldn’t get the particle effects to work in the sketchfab viewer though, and the lighting definitely doesn’t look as good as it does in unity.


[DEV] Auto-Aiming, managers


I have been working some more on the managers to make everything more organized and less all over the place.

Additionally, I spent time working on the auto-tracking. When a bullet gets within a certain range of the other player, it curves towards the other player. The curve is not perfect yet, but I am still trying to figure out how to make it look nicer by lerping.

[DEV] Bug Squashin

I spent a lot of time recently cleaning up scripts and simplifying things, all while removing bugs and improving performance.


Features added:

  • Reverse camera (on button hold)
  • Ability to shoot faster by tapping shoot button rather than holding it down

Bugs fixed:

  • Camera FOV varying wildly on player acceleration
  • Players spawned off the track during countdown timer
  • Projectile rate of fire differing between players
  • Projectiles not damaging other player on impact
  • Performance drop when spline is selected in editor
  • Turrets not correctly targeting the player