[ART] Asset creation

Created some assets and props this week.


I created powerup icons for shield, mine and shockwave. gave them a background color so they would be easily recognisible.rocks

I also created more variations of asteroids and rock obstacles, so you wouldn’t be shooting the same red ball over and over again.


And for space I modeled a satellite background prop.



[ART],[DEV] Visual Improvements

This week I focused on improving visuals of the game.


  • Redesigned and implemented new worldspace UI.
  • Added UI animations when picking powerups.
  • Added move animations.
  • Fixed sky, now it will change correctly for every player.
  • Implemented new meshes into the game.
  • Added asteroid explosion particle system.
  • Changed trail renderer.
  • Added new shield effect.
  • Changed projectile visuals.

[DEV] Balances

I wasn’t able to get as much done this week as usual since I was busy working on a game for the Ludum Dare 72-hour game jam over the weekend.

One thing I did add was a slight speed boost to the second player, to help keep the players closer together. This immediately made the game more fun because you can interact with the other player more often.

I also fixed a few bugs, as usual.

Finally I added a dedicated jump button and disabled the jump pad item. I also started working on allowing for multiple splines to be imported, so that eventually the player will be able to teleport from one to another, and be forced to make active decisions rather than just blindly follow a single track.

-Andrew Weeks

[DEV] Bugfixing and slowing down on the edge of track

This week was spent fixing and tweaking some problems in the game (see list below). Next to that, I made sure the player slows down when hitting the edge of the track, so he can not just stick to the side of the track.

Some fixes I made:

  • Bullets now get destroyed on impact
  • Player 2 is now visible on minimap
  • Powerups get removed when picking them up
  • If player already has powerup slotted and tries to pick up another one, it doesn’t disappear
  • Shield icon stays until timer runs out
  • Bullets can find other player again
  • Made shockwave bigger, destroys asteroids correctly and drains enemy’s energy