[ART] Environment



I coudn’t do mutch this week. I created base environment for the new level.


[ART] More assets

Modeling more assets.

Got some small ice landscape props, and lots of rocks and a skull for the desert landscape.


Also modeled a research station to travel trough between the biomes.


Also working on this sandworm thing, I hope to animate it and make it jump out of the ground when the player(s) pass.


[DEV] Track Teleportation

The majority of my time on the project this week was spent working on adding the ability to have multiple tracks in a scene. I also added simple teleporters to go back and forth between the tracks. We considered making the tracks smoothly split off into two directions, but this solution is much simpler, and with how little time we have left we thought it was the best choice.


I also spent a while trying to make the player have a constant velocity over the length of the track, regardless of the spline length – a problem we’ve been dealing with since the beginning of the project. To start tackling the problem more efficiently, I decided to add some more info to the screen so I could more easily spot issues.


I displayed the basic movement variables of each player on screen and immediately saw a few things that were off, and fixed them up. As for a constant speed, I have yet to find a clean solution. The problem sounds simple, but there’s something small that I’m missing because it’s still off. Currently we’re multiplying the player’s delta spline value by the ratio between the current segment of the track they are currently on and the total length of the track. I displayed the approximation of the curve lengths to ensure that was working fine.


Hopefully I’ll see the issue soon and can remove the temporary fix thrown in there for now.

-Andrew Weeks

[DEV] Energyfield, Powerupmanager and Fixes

This week I spent some time working on creating a new powerup: the energyfield. The player can drop it and it will form a field acrosst he whole width of the track to slow down the other player that comes behind him.

Other than that, I have created a separate manager dedicated to the powerups in particular. They used to be in the player manager but that got cluttered quickly by it.

As usual, some time also went into bugfixing and cleaning up some scripts and unused prefabs.

And lastly, I have also made a change to the camers. We can now change the rotation around the z axis so it is possible to see more of the track before us.

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