[DEV] Powerups


Finally got the Mariokart-style pickup manager working, it basically took me all week to get these working with my artist brains.

When you pick up a green powerup box while flying around, you get assigned a random powerup from the arsenal. Individual rarity of the powerups can be changed for balancing purposes.

Currently available powerups are:

  • Energy pack: restores 1/4 of your energy meter each. The most common.
  • Shield: Generates a shield around the player ship, negating all enemy fire and obstacles.
  • shockwave: Creates a shockwave explosion at the location of usage which destroys all obstacles in its radius. (Mostly done by Emilie)
  • Full restore: Restores the whole energy meter. All of it.

[DEV] Game Improvements

This week I focused on improving gameplay feeling and fixing bugs.

  • Speed boost with visual feedback was added to the game.
  • Added particle trail behind the player so the opponents can better see each other.
  • Added minimap
  • Made obstacles explode on the impact, player slows down and receives a visual feedback.
  • Added lap counter
  • Fixed turret, now it targets the leading player. Visual feedback, when hit by the turret, was also added.Frame

[DEV] Miscellaneous Improvements

This week was mostly spent improving the prototype in various ways. Firstly, we received the feedback that the auto acceleration of the player should be removed, since when you let go of the controls the ship would keep going on its own and it felt like the player didn’t even have to try to succeed.

That was an easy change, and the game did feel much more like an active racing game.


Another thing that I changed was the way your input is mapped to the player’s movement when the player is upside down. Some play testers told us that when upside down it was confusing to have the controls be backwards. After switching around the controls when upside down, we got feedback from other play testers that they liked it better before. Because of this we will likely make this an option you can set before a game starts.

Next I made the projectiles that the player fires move along the track. Before, the player just shot wherever the mouse cursor was – which clearly wasn’t anywhere near good enough. Really, that was only in there because we hadn’t removed it after deciding to ditch mouse controlled shooting. After making this change shooting obstacles became much easier.

Throughout the week I also fixed bugs here and there and made the game in general nicer and more fun to play. I also cleaned up a few scripts to make creating new levels easier for everyone on the team. Part of that was just making scripts find the objects they need a reference to themselves, so that we don’t have to, for example, drag the player ship into 12 different scripts manually on a new level.

Next week I plan on continuing to make the game feel nicer to play and continuing to add additional features along the way.

-Andrew Weeks

[DEV] Input, skybox, random asteroid size, pause screen

This week I have completely reworked the input manager:
Move left/right: Left joystick
Accelerate: RT
Shoot: LT
Use pickup: A
Dodge left/right: LB/RB
Pause menu: Start

Also, I added a skybox and changed the colors of the ships to make things look a little better and so the player can have a better overview of his position.ships+skybox.PNG

It is now possible to randomize the astereroid sizes using sliders with max and min scale values. This makes the track a little more interesting.

I have also added a more in-depth pause screen, with the option to resume, restart or go back to the main menu.